Glossary of Terms

This is a short list of terms I have used within this site and throughout these annotations to describe the three main genres that were dealt with (Adult, YA, & GLBT), vampires, vampire acts and the like.

Adult: Novels that may include mature content, such as swearing, explicit sexual acts or graphic violence, and are more suitable for those over age 18.

The Gift: Another way to refer to vampire creation or the state of being a vampire.

Heteronormative/Heteronormativity: A term for a set of lifestyle norms that imply that people fall into only one of two distinct and complementary genders (male and female) and that heterosexuality is the only normal sexual orientation, thus making sexual and marital relations appropriate only between a man and a woman. A heteronormative view is one that promotes alignment of biological sex, gender identity, and gender roles to the gender binary.

LGBT/GLBT or GLBTQ or GLBTQI are initialisms referring collectively to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex people. Many people use GLBT or LGBT for brevity’s sake, but some feel that it is best to be completely inclusive. For the purposes of this site, GLBT or GLBTQ will be the preferred initialisms.

LGBT/GLBT Literature: Literature that features one or more gay, lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender characters. Includes works across every age group, from Heather Has Two Mommies (children’s literature), to Am I Blue? (YA literature), to the Beebo Brinker Chronicles (Adult literature).

Manga (Japanese) or Manhwa (Korean): Graphic novels from Japan, Korea, and increasingly also from the U.S. and other countries, that have a distinctive look and style.  When manga was first printed in the U.S., there were few standards in place, and books were published in various sizes. Over the last decade and a half, manga has vastly increased in popularity and is now commonly printed in digest size, approximately 7.5″ x 5″, known as duodecimo or 12mo in printer’s terms.

Turn(ing/ed): The process by which a non-vampire becomes a vampire, often through a blood exchange. Can occur by other means.

Young Adult Literature / YA Lit / YA: Books intended for young adults aged 12 to 18, whether published specifically for them or for the general adult public. Also adolescent literature.

Note: Young adult literature includes many types of books in which the protagonist is usually a teenager.